The Jhen of Winter

Awakening in the dead of winter with no memory of the last five years of her life, wrapped in a heavy blanket inside an abandoned barn, clutching a worn piece of paper.  Scrawled upon the page, in her own writing, was a warning: "You've been gone 5 years. Stay away from Nelyr.  Stay away from the Queen."

Almost 25 years later, Maryth is now co-regent of the third most-powerful land of the Accord.  Her youngest son is in prison for helping revolutionaries, her eldest son pain-wracked from yet another assassination attempt, and a now a political battle with the very Queen she was warned herself away from threatens to take away the lands she rules.  

Somewhere hidden in Maryth's memory is the dark secret of the Queen's power and her vendetta, if she can only remember...


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