Besides occasional journal-posts (i greatly dislike the word "blog"), I write other things.

Jhen, or The Remembering
I finished a novel in 2008, sent off three query letters, entered one contest, and absurdly took all four rejections as a crushing defeat.  There were other reasons (there must have been--I'm sure), but I left off thinking about it and then started writing another which is almost done. I intend slowly to re-edit it and post pieces of it here.
The first chapter

Seattle Stories
In April of 2013, I made the decision to leave the city where I've lived for the last 13 years.  I decided, also, to tell my stories of Seattle, both of my own life, the lives of friends, and what I saw and dreamt.  These were all originally posted to facebook and are compiled here.

Book Reviews
I've tried my hand at this a few times, and find it utterly enjoyable.  It's seems a book review is the one true form left where scathing wit can still remain an exercise in art rather assholery, though I'll let you decide this.

Druid Journal
This is coming.  More information can be found here.