So I have begun to think it may be time for me to offer my help with Tarot reading to others.

Please read the following all the way through.  These are all disclaimers, and I will ask if you fully understand what it is I'm offering before I agree to do a reading.

My understanding of Tarot

There are multiple ways of understanding the Tarot and other image and object derived divination methods.  Though I have experienced some profoundly accurate "predictive" readings from others, this is not the sort of thing I currently do.

I do what I am calling "consultive" readings, layouts which speak not about the future but about the present situation of the person with the question.  It can be seen as a kind of therapy or counseling, and sometimes this is all that it is.  Sometimes it is more, and sometimes the meaning of the cards can seem so obscure that no message seems to be derived until weeks (and sometimes months) later, like an oracle one failed to heed.

I do not think the cards are, in themselves, inherently magical.  Rather, they seem a good tool for that-which-is-unseen (which includes our own consciousness as well as the gods and spirits) to communicate with ourselves in an easily patterned yet non-verbal medium.  [As a side not, I suspect a very good reader who uses the same deck for decades may infuse the cards themselves with something extra, but this is only a suspicion, and I have no such deck].
As such, I don't do any particularly "witchy" things before or during a reading. This is not to say I discount those things, only that I do not do them myself.
I do, however, drink lots of tea while doing readings. 

The cards I use
I currently only use two decks, both created by the same folks.  The first is the DruidCraft Tarot, based heavily on the well-known Rider-Waite deck.
The second is the Druid Plant Oracle, a deck of cards which images of plants familiar to the Celts with divinatory meanings derived from the properties and behaviors of such plants.

How good am I?
Honestly, I don't know.  I seem to be quite good with my own readings, and have yet to do readings for others that were less than useful.  But I've read for few others (a total maybe of 20 readings for others), and all my feedback so far has been good.

How much do I charge?
Nothing, currently.  I would like practice.  In essence, this is my "apprenticeship," and I do not expect (and will not accept) money for any readings I do until I've had enough experience reading for others.
I will ask, however, for an update, sometime after the reading, to learn if the insights we derived together from the cards helped.  You will be doing me as much (if not more of) a favor than I may be doing for you.

When? How?
Email me [industrialise] at [gmail] dot [com] and we can set up a time.  I do not currently do "distance" readings except in very special circumstances or for someone who lives physically too far away for me to do this.  I will attempt to get back to you as quickly as possible, but it should be noted that I can usually only meet during the mid-week.

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