Wind and Wood

Wind and Wood

In 2009, I began playing recorder.
Yup.  That cheap little wooden flute that many children in grade school seem to have experienced for a few exciting months, culminating in "hot cross buns" or, if you were really advance, "mary had a little lamb" (there are only three notes in the former, but the latter boasts a fourth note, thus delineating the dabbler from the devotee.).

Actually, I never got to play it in grade school, and stumbled upon it after witnessing several incredible german medieval bands, shirtless, muscled men with pipes and fiddles and fire, and, well, I thought maybe I'd like to be one of 'em as well.

Got kinda good at the recorder.  It's a rather old instrument, common throughout the middle ages in Europe, and an absurd amount of fun.  Also, I sound nothing like a grade-schooler, nor do I look like one.

I've also played a german small bagpipe, called a hummelchen.  The name means "little bee," I think because it's got a really strange, humming sound.  It sometimes sounds really ghostly, sometimes sounds haunting, usually sounds good. 
It's currently broken (do not work a double shift as a social worker and then play a bagpipe to relax and then fall asleep). 

It sounded like this:

For a short period of time, I also had a band, called Harrow's End.  We only did a short handful of open mics, but it was damn cool and insanely fun.  Circumstances allowing, I hope to return to this dream. We sounded like this, at least according to a hand-held phone-camera.